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SA government welcomes drone fishing ban ruling

It is the aftermath of a bruising battle for the legitimacy of using drone technology in angling and recreational fishing in South Africa and in this battle, the government won,…

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South Africa: Drone fishing lobbyists lose Supreme Court Appeal

The final verdict is now in; and it is not good news for drone fishing enthusiasts in South Africa: using drones for recreational fishing is now really banned in the…

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Drone fishing back in the headlines

So the debate for and against the use of drone technology in South Africa rages on. After the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) reminded stakeholders that there…

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The case for – and against – drone fishing

We do remember that the subject of drone fishing is a hot one in South Africa right now, following the ban on the use of drones during fishing expeditions by…

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South Africa bans drone fishing

A high court judge in South Africa has upheld the ban on drones and other motorised devices from angling expeditions, in a blow to the fortunes of a section of…

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