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Drone enters fray in Argentinian soccer rivalry

As another quadcopter forces heliport to temporarily shut down in South Africa The greatest rivalries are always found on the soccer field. Or what Americans call soccer, but the rest…

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The 2021 drone horoscope: Africa edition

We all know what the year 2020 was like to all of humanity. We were all happy and looking forward to the start of another year – then just like…

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Investigators suspect drone involvement in SA aircraft accident

These are delicate times for the South African drone industry and aviation authorities in the country – the former could really do without suspicion that there are drone owners out…

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CUAASA’s quest for a better drone industry in South Africa

The Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Association of Southern Africa (CUAASA) has lauded the recent improvement in their working relationship with the local drone industry regulator, as South Africa’s drone stakeholders press…

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