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Gun-smuggling drone crashes into tree in Canada

There is really no limit to what people can do with drones, is there? Whether it is legal or illegal, sometimes you have to marvel at the creative ways people…

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Step-by-step: The growing importance of medical drones

We all know what medical drones have done to communities in Africa that badly needed medical supplies to be delivered in time to save lives in locations that are usually…

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Canada: Enforcing the law from above

Toronto Police’s drone programme taking policing to new levels Imagine growing up in the Roaring 20s — a time when automobiles had recently replaced horse-drawn carriages and families gathered around…

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Police drone crashes into small plane in Canada

A Canadian pilot instructor and his student are lucky to be alive after a police drone crashed into their small aircraft – a 1976 Cessna 172N – a couple of…

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How not to use a drone: kids scare of nesting eagles in Canada

Kids; this is not how you use a drone. Because incidents like this one are why some aviation authorities still look at drone technology with suspicious eyes. Reports from the…

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Ready when you are: DDC’s Condor good to fly

Canadian drone maker, Drone Delivery Canada’s largest drone yet, the Condor is ready to take to the skies after a second round of testing went smoothly in Quebec last week….

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Good drone… bad drone…

Santa may have a hard time deciding what to do with drones in Canada this year. On one hand, a drone saved three teenage lives in Peterborough, Ontario, on Wednesday…

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