SA company to speak at world construction event

South African engineering services company Delta Scan will be in Italy next week, where they have been invited to showcase their drone-based solutions in infrastructure inspections.

The company’s managing director Darryl Epstein will be speaking at the prestigious World Conference on the Management of Industrial Structures, Stacks, and Chimneys, hosted by the International Committee for Industrial Construction (CICIND) in Florence, Italy, from 17 to 20 May this year.

Boasting of significant experience in the field of chimney and stack infrastructure inspection, Delta Scan will be joining other global academics, engineers, and inspection companies at the CICIND conference, where they will share innovative approaches and insights, and engage in discussions about the future of high-rise infrastructure management.

“This collaboration of minds will further push the boundaries of knowledge and technology in this crucial field,” Epstein said.

“This comes as recognition for the trailblazing work the company has done in managing chimney and stack infrastructure across various industrial, mining, and oil and gas sites, including renowned establishments like Sasol, Eskom, and numerous mines across Africa.

Darryl Epstein

“Delta Scan is renowned for pioneering the use of drone and LiDAR technology for complex engineering inspections. Leveraging its unique business model, the company outsources data capture to expert drone teams around the world and then focuses on transforming that data into digital models and structural analysis. This approach has positioned Delta Scan as a market leader in digitising industrial plants as well as inaccessible and complex internal spaces.”

From Italy, Delta Scan will then make a pitch at the Drone & Unmanned Aviation Conference, South Africa’s flagship drone event, which will be taking place in Johannesburg on the 25th and 26th of May.

The company’s appearance at the Johannesburg event will present a chance for attendees to witness firsthand the exploits of Flyability’s Elios 3 drone, courtesy of a demonstration to be conducted by Delta Scan.

Said Epstein; “We have the distinct honour of being the only services company in Africa to own and operate the Elios 3 drone from Flyability. This equipment, capable of fitting into a manhole and providing survey-grade LiDAR and 4K data while maintaining stability in challenging situations, offers unparalleled features for complex inspection and mapping work.

“Our firm also has proprietary cloud-based software that offers state-of-the-art engineering tools for managing survey and inspection data, making it accessible to asset owners, engineers, and inspection companies. This robust platform has empowered Delta Scan to conduct comprehensive engineering audits, often for forensics and collapses, distinguishing it as a leader in this niche sector.

“With their path-breaking work, Delta Scan is revolutionising the way industries manage their smokestacks and other towering structures, setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.”


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