Right up the alley

We do not have much to say; but if you have no idea what they mean when they talk about regular drone footage and that of FPV drones, we have a just a few words in defining the difference: A regular drone will show you what happened on a typical day at a bowling alley in Minnesota.

An FPV drone will show you how it felt like to be there.

Check the first person view (FPV) skills this pilot showed when he shot a video of people having a socially distanced down time at Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater in Minnesota, USA. And it was only done in one take too; how cool is that?!

Made by filmmakers Jay Christensen and Anthony Jaska of Rally Studios, the short video is a droolly show-off of the FPV drone’s, and the pilots’ skills as it takes you spinning and flying on a rollercoaster journey around the entertainment centre.

We figure that is exactly the thing DJI had in mind when they made the FPV drone, which they launched on the market just last week.

But this shot was not made by the new FPV though. No. Credit for this will go to the FPV Cinewhoop quadcopter — a type of drone that displayed amazing speed and stability for the duration of the mission. Of course, the pilot had tried eleven times before he made this shot – but it is still cool. 

Kudos to The Guardian for the video.


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