Man arrested after drone lands on police car

Davisboro, GEORGIA – Sometimes you cannot help but chuckle

Because you just could not make this stuff up, even if you tried.

We imagine this suspect couldn’t help but chuckle too, when his partner in crime decided to bail him in the worst manner possible.

A drone loaded with contraband meant to be dropped at a prison in Georgia, USA got its owner in trouble after it landed on top of a police car on Sunday morning.  

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office had despatched deputies in response to a call by their counterparts at Washington County State Prison, who had reported sighting a man in the vicinity of the correctional facility.

Imagine the deputies’ shock when – while they were still combing the area – a drone suddenly landed on their vehicle.

On it was a heavy payload of drugs, alcohol, cellular phones and other contraband, no doubt destined to be dropped for some inmates at the prison.

The pilot, Tony Brown (28) from the city of Macon in central Georgia, was caught, of course and is now in policy custody facing charges that include Conspiracy Items Prohibited for Possession by Inmates, Conspiracy Crossing Guard Lines with Drugs; and Conspiracy of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute.

Additional charges could be pending.

The deputies also reported that Brown was not working alone in this attempted drop; other individuals were involved, but they are still at large.



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