Kespry upgrades drone features

CALIFORNIA – US-based industrial drones maker and operator Kespry has unveiled its latest aerial intelligence platform updates, highlighted by a new a new mapping drone offer, a new haul road feature and more.

Kespry said the changes apply to all of the sectors it serves, including mining and aggregates, and claims the new capabilities increase flexibility and make its drones easier to use and deploy.

The new haul roads feature allows haul roads to be designed faster and more accurately. The depth of automation provided has been broadened. Drones operating the feature also monitor roads against compliance thresholds, alerting when an area needs attention.

“The haul roads feature means there’s no more measuring road widths, grades and berm heights. Kespry automates it all,” the company said.

Kespry now offers the DJI Phantom 4 RTK, a popular, compact and accurate mapping drone as part of its standard fleet.  It will also enable companies with their own Phantom 4 fleets to integrate them into the Kespry platform.

“Kespry offers the drone in an integrated package that includes our aerial intelligence platform and acclaimed customer support and service. Both base station and network solutions are supported.”

Kespry also announced that its newest platform has added enhanced hail detection as well as seamless third-party drone operator support. With the latter, companies have flexibility in how they source their aerial data, whether by a Kespry-managed fleet, third-party service provider or their own existing drone hardware.

“By working with providers such as Dronebase, Kespry customers can access global pilot networks to fly their missions, and have results in 48-72 hours,” the company said.

Kespry has updated software to its drone services

Kespry has compiled comprehensive customer training into its new platform, offering webinars and one-on-one consults on features, product options and the latest enhancements.

Kespry serves customers across North America, Europe and Australia. Drones are generally not piloted via joystick, their operation is automated through entering mission profiles through an iPad or similar, and the analysis of data is fully automated. 

Based in the USA, Kespry offers an automated drone system where everything works from an iPad. On the iPad, one will set the drone off by clicking the ‘take off’ button, once one has determined the area to survey or inspect, identified flight heights to capture data and completed pre-flight checklist to ensure the safety of the mission.

Captured data is then uploaded to the cloud and processed within minutes. For aggregates, mining and construction works, the software process will produce 2D and 3D models of the site under analysis. The data can be shared with anyone, regardless of where they are based.

Source: Mining Magazine


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