Kenya opens drone haven

Kenya’s national airline Kenya Airways (KQ) is stepping up its drone game.

Through its subsidiary Fahari Aviation, KQ has launched the first drone testing and training facility in Kenya – the Fahari Drone Cage – which the airline says is set to be an industry leader in drone technologies in East Africa.

We are sure the facility is not on the scale of the drone corridor in Malawi; which is one of the largest in the world, but this is a remarkable step towards unlocking the value of drone technology in Kenya, coming as it does hot on the footsteps of the imminent arrival of a drone logistics network involving Swoop Aero, Astral Aerial Aviation and Skyports.

“Through the construction of the Fahari Drone Cage, Fahari Aviation is positioning itself at the forefront of exploring advanced future technologies in aviation and at the same time promoting safe and secure usage of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Kenya,” KQ said in a statement.

The cage will be a playground where companies and start-ups will have a haven test their drone technology fancies in a safe environment. The facility will provide a springboard to ensure that Kenya is well-positioned to take advantage of advancements in Unmanned Aerial Systems, which are increasingly shaping air freight, KQ added.

Just like the Malawi Drone Corridor has been a real magnet for innovation in drone technology in the Southern African country, it is hoped that the Fahari Drone Cage will accelerate innovation in Kenya, as well as enhance research and development in UAS technologies.

Drone technology enthusiasts, corporates, universities, industries are expected to take advantage of the cage to put their inventions and purchases to the test.

“The future of aviation is based on identifying opportunities for innovation and diversification to build a resilient business that is committed to the sustainable development of Africa,” said KQ director, Michael Gichangi at the launch.

“We have over the years proved to be a leader in aviation innovation and it is this openness to innovation that has led to the establishment of Fahari Aviation and the first drone enclosure facility here in Nairobi – the Drone Cage.”

Fahari Aviation also took the opportunity to launch the Fahari Drone Club, “a community that will offer drone enthusiasts an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas on the drone industry as well as provide resources to learn and practice techniques required for safe drone operations.”

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