Introducing advertising drones

Now that unmanned aerial systems have proved their worth for commercial operations world, the race is now on for the next industry where drone technology’s value will be realised.

Drones have been used to deliver medicines and retail supplies; to inspect and monitor infrastructure; to spray crops and look after livestock; to survey and map out areas;to secure premises and work alongside law enforcement agents in various policing operations…

And so on, and so on, and so on. There is even a growing industry of drones being used to clean surfaces and premises.

And now… advertising.

We’re actually surprised that it has taken this long for drone entrepreneurs to realise the potential of drone technology in advertising.

But finally, somebody did.

Jamar Williams said he got the idea of placing promotional banners on drones after noticing that drones garnered interest and curiosity everywhere they went, with people always gazing up at them and taking out their mobiles to snap pictures.

“That’s how Promo Drone was born,” says Williams of his California-based venture.

“We engineer stable messaging platforms to hang highly visible traditional signage from drones. And now we are flying major ad campaigns for major brands, corporations, influencers and individuals wanting to make important announcements.”

Promo drone has since partnered with Canadian drone maker Draganfly to develop the Starling X.2, a drone-based digital display platform that is set to deliver messages for promotional purposes or during emergencies.

“Promo Drone selected Draganfly to develop and manufacture the next generation of their Public Safety and Advertising system, the Starling X.2,” Draganfly said in a statement.

“Draganfly’s experienced Engineering and Production teams designed and developed the Starling X.2 in collaboration with Promo Drone, an industry leader relating to Drone Advertising and Publicity.

“The Starling X.2 is a versatile rapid-response messaging and aerial advertising drone that can communicate and promote important information in various sectors, including public safety, emergency response, outdoor events, advertising, marketing, and fan-centric experiences.”

Roughy explained, the Starling X.2 is an aerial promotional system that incorporates Draganfly’s Commander 3XL drone and Promo Drone’s digital messaging system. The drone will be installed with two message boards facing opposite sides on which messages will be displayed.

“The Starling X.2 incorporates Draganfly’s versatile, weather-resistant, and easy-to-assemble Commander 3 XL airframe with Promo Drone’s video display technology featuring ultra-bright LED display panels. This combination ensures the aerial messaging system’s exceptional visibility, capturing attention wherever it flies.

“The platform’s potential applications are extensive, including conveying crucial information about natural disasters, rally points, missing persons, and other critical notifications, thus bolstering public awareness and preparedness.”

Given how aviation authorities are still uneasy about having drones constantly flying over people and public spaces, perhaps it is not that surprising that drone advertising has not taken root yet. Adverts need to be flighted where people can clearly see them rendering easy access to these places is something authorities are not ready to do yet.

Otherwise, one can easily imagine how a drone can be tethered to an enduring power source on the ground and spend long periods of the day promoting products and content; and sending out important messages to the public in its vicinity.

We will see where it goes.


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