FIXAR explores Brazil market

They have been to South Africa and to Kenya on the African market.

Now Latvian drone maker FIXAR is taking their trade into Brazil.

Brazilian aviation company Helisul Aviação has signed a partnership agreement with FIXAR to supply enterprise customers in that part of the world with drone options for long-range, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) surveying, remote sensing, and surveillance missions.

Helisul is one of the longest-operating companies in the sector of helicopters in Brazil and Latin America. With 50 years of history, a fleet of more than 50 aircraft, and fourteen bases in Brazilian territory, it is now expanding its interests in the drone and air mobility segments in Latin America. 

Set to start in March this year, the deal will see Helisul responsing to the rising demand for drone technology in Brazil with by offering the sale, support, and operation of FIXAR 007 drones. The fixed-wing aircraft boasts over 60-kilometers of flight capacity that will enable extended BVLOS services for enterprise users.

“The FIXAR 007 has already demonstrated its endurance and mettle in exacting conditions like high-altitude mountain flights.” FIXAR said in a statement announcing the partnership.

“Yet its Latvia-based developer will soon top that with the FIXAR 025 – a drone with a 10-kilogram payload and astonishing 300-kilometer flight capacity that’s expected to come online later this year.

“Awaiting that, Helisul will provide aerial services with the innovative FIXAR 007. The hybrid fixed-wing vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) craft can carry a two-kilogram payload for up to an hour at speeds of 20 m/s – around 30 percent faster than competing craft.” 

Helisul’s head of drone division, Lucas Fontoura said his company will also facilitate securing authorisation from regulators to operate the 007s in exceptional circumstances.

“As it considered Brazilian partners, FIXAR recognized Helisul’s reputation for safety, quality, and technology in the aviation market,” Fontoura said.

“FIXAR also appreciated our experience and unparalleled ability in obtaining certification of drones used, and authorization to fly missions above 400 feet from the National Civil Aviation Agency.”

Going forward, the two companies will also look for new ways expand their drone services work to other nations in South America; as FIXAR perseveres with efforts to instill its footprint across the world.

“Helisul, with its 50-year experience in aviation, offers everything FIXAR needs for expansion in the Latin American region,” says Yulia Druzhnikova, FIXAR’s co-founder and Director of Global Expansion, who points to Helisul’s excellence in drone training and maintenance as another driver of the partnership.

“We are happy to contribute FIXAR’s VTOL drones, designed for advanced missions in challenging environments, to unleash the full potential of the Latin American drone market, and increase safety and efficiency.”

Helisul’s executive superintendent was upbeat.

“With this partnership, Brazil joins the USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, and European and African countries playing home to FIXAR distribution centers,” he said.

“We are investing heavily in this FIXAR-Helisul partnership in order to deliver the best technology, most advanced drones, and safety to Brazilians in collaboration with the National Civil Aviation Agency.”


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