DroneDeploy, Boston Dynamics launch 360 Walkthrough

Enterprise drone data platform DroneDeploy yesterday premiered a new feature which allows the platform to work with both drones/aerial cameras and any 360-cameras (hand-held or robotic) on the ground to provide a valuable, comprehensive digital reconstruction of any job site.

Called 360 Walkthrough, the feature has already been tested in collaboration with American robot maker and Boston Dynamics and construction company Brasfield and Gorrie.

Having worked with DroneDeploy software since 2015, Brasfield & Gorrie provided the sites for Boston Dynamics and DroneDeploy to test 360 Walkthrough, an industry-first workflow for automating 360 video-based construction documentation.

“Brasfield & Gorrie helped develop and pilot a workflow to perform on-the-ground building walkthroughs and inspections using the agile mobile robot (the famous yellow, dog-like machine called Spot) by Boston Dynamics, along with DroneDeploy’s 360 Walkthrough,” said DroneDeploy in a statement. “Outfitted with a 360-camera, Spot allows workers to autonomously capture data from building interiors and take close-up photos for the bid process or inspection. Using the Spot and DroneDeploy Software Development Kits (SDKs), Brasfield & Gorrie specialists were able to automate the full process, from mobile data capture to cloud upload and image processing, immediately making the data available for other project team members to view using DroneDeploy.

“With this new workflow, superintendents and project managers can easily and efficiently gather the data they need to obtain a comprehensive view of their job site, from any perspective.”

Drones and robots. Two super-intelligent machines working together. It is the stuff of Terminator-level proportions; but what could go wrong?

Nothing; as far as DroneDeploy co-founder and CEO, Mike Winn is concerned. It is actually another step in the right direction for a drone industry that is seeking industry solutions to data capture for a more informed decision-making process.

“DroneDeploy is already the leader in enabling businesses to capture the reality of their job sites from the air,” said Winn. “But we know our more than 5,000 customers are also looking for a solution that allows data capture on the ground and indoors. Today, we’re responding to that need with 360 Walkthrough. By combining aerial, interior and ground data onto one platform, we’re providing our customers with a complete perspective of their sites, ultimately increasing efficiency and worker safety in industries like construction, agriculture, renewables, and more.”

Boston Dynamic’s Construction Technology Manager, Brian Ringly said Spot was the best candidate for the job.

Ringly said; “One of Spot’s chief functions is to automate data capture on job sites safely, accurately and frequently, connecting customers to critical insights that keep projects on-track. By collaborating with DroneDeploy and Brasfield & Gorrie, we’re making it easier to implement repeatable, autonomous 360 data capture in complex environments where Spot’s unique mobility is an advantage, and leverage the DroneDeploy platform to make that data actionable in a common data environment.”


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