Opportunity for young South African women to join drone industry

We do not know whether they were inspired by American drone professional Desiree Ekstein, whom we know as the original Drone Diva, but Africa Beyond the 4th Industrial Revolution (AB4IR) has launched a programme by the same name, which is aimed at attracting young women into the drone industry.

Open for applicants between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, the Drone Divas project will teach qualifying students the intricacies of drone operations, coding, manufacturing and practical operations. Applicants have to hail from a disadvantaged background in the townships and rural areas, and are also required to have a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) learning.

Applications will close on August 29 this year.

The Drone Divas programme is being conducted in fulfilment of AB4IR’s pledge to help the drone industry in South Africa grow through encouraging the support of young citizens from marginalised parts of the country.

“This program is premised on the inclusion of the marginalised groups, skilling, empowerment and conducting match-making projects between start-up entrepreneurs and the drone industry,” the organisation says. “We aim to contribute to the transformation of this industry in partnership with the Drone Council South Africa.

“We serve as an incubator and accelerator resource for various partners in this growing industry. We Also offer market linkage with the relevant people in the industry to get you off the ground. We believe that South Africa’s capacity to rollout the industry is under-explored. As such our strategic objective is to vigorously conduct match-making projects between drone industry start-ups and established operators.”

The project will be supported by the Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Germany Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Goethe Institut and Inspire Africa Group.

The AB4IR is a Tshwane-based non-profit organisation aimed at bridging the digital divide by empowering communities through technology, innovation & Incubation.

Those wishing to apply can do so here.


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