Drone helps catch suspect in South Africa

Watch as a drone help catch a suspected burglar who had tried to break into the premises of a South African company recently.

The drone belongs to Drone Guards, a drone surveillance company that secures people and high value assets through aerial security surveillance in the civilian security industry.

On this day, the Drone Guards team was triggered into action when one of the security cameras detected movement on the perimeter and alerted aerial support.

“Our drone team then flew their drone to the targeted area, where the drone picked up two suspects, who quickly took to their heels when they realised they had been discovered,” said Kim James, director at UAV aerial works, the parent company of Drone Guards.

“With our drone in pursuit, the suspects split up at some point, and the drone chose to follow one of them.”

Using a thermal camera, the kept itself trained on the suspect event when then ground search party was still far away. But eventually they caught up, and when the suspect tried to hide himself in a tree, he was trapped. Four security officers approach him from different directions to effect an arrest.

“Now that a second large South African security company has upped the ante on fighting crime by adding drones to its toolkit, all other security operators need to sit up and listen,” said James, in reference to security company Fidelity, which is so proud about its recent integration of drone technology into its security services.

“Building your air force is more important now than ever to maintain competitive advantage.”


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