Drone dumps jail-bound contraband onto school grounds

Somebody somewhere in Brunswick County, Virginia in the USA is infinitely driving their head into a wall in frustration after a drone lost its bearings and dropped its contraband in the wrong place last Monday.

But we’d like to believe that the drone is a really good citizen and refused to have its game changing abilities be abused by a bunch of criminals. It is a very small victory yes; we know there are more adept law breakers out there who know how to properly abuse modern technology; but in this case… serves the crooks right for trying to abuse a well-intended news means of delivering small packages.

As told by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, the police received a call around eight in the morning from an employee at Brunswick Academy reporting that a suspicious package was on school grounds.

The employee – a bus driver at the school – told police that he had stopped at the academy when he noticed blinking green lights coming down in the school grounds.

“The bus driver saw these green blinking lights coming in at a distance and something coming to the ground,” Brunswick County Sherriff Brian Roberts told local media. “He was not really sure what it was.

“Immediately this car comes flying in, passenger door comes open and they reach pick up this thing.”

As it turned out, the thing was a drone, and when the driver returned from his rounds, he found out that the drone had apparently left a package in the grounds.

Police were called in.

“During our investigation, it was determined that this package was dropped around 0540 hours due to the fact that the witness saw a drone during that time land on the grounds,” the Sherriff’s Office said in a statement. “Soon thereafter, the witness saw a small dark coloured sedan come into the parking lot of the school and grab the drone.”

After interviewing the witness, the police took the package to their offices, where upon opening it, they discovered that it contained marijuana, tobacco, and a USB-C to lightning converter.

“Once the package was brought back to our office for processing, the package was opened and it appeared to contain several lbs. of marijuana and tobacco and also included three cellphones and a USB-C to lightning converter.

“Based on our investigation, it is obviously apparent that the package was intended to be dropped at the adjacent property of the Lawrenceville Correctional Center which is operated by a private company named The GEO Group. We have had numerous calls for service at the prison this year to include other drone sightings alleging the same criminal activity.”

A spokesperson for the company that runs the correctional facility said like many correctional facilities across the country Lawrenceville Correctional Center faces challenges related to the use of drones for the introduction of contraband in a correctional setting.

We hope the drone is still alive.


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