Drone company scores deal with Canadian government

It seems like Canadian drone technology company Drone Delivery Canada will be going really mainstream this time.

The drone manufacturer has just announced that it has signed a deal with the Canadian government to test out the capabilities and effectiveness of the DDC’s flagship heavy-lift drone, the Condor.

In this $1,2million deal, which DDC has scored with the help of its sales agent Air Canada, the drone maker will work with Transport Canada in operating and evaluating DDC’s proprietary drone delivery platform, through the Condor UAV; the largest drone currently being developed by DDC.

“Under the terms of the Contract, DDC will provide Transport Canada with a Condor drone, and collaborate with Transport Canada in operating, testing and evaluating the capabilities of the Condor drone solution until December 2023,” DDC said in a statement.

Among other things, the Condor will be tested in three phases; the first of which will be short range flights, followed by long range endurance flights; and ending with extreme environmental testing.

Planned to also be tested in Kenya via a deal with drone services company Astral Aerial Solutions, the Condor drone has a multi-package payload compartment designed to carry approximately 20 cubic feet of cargo. It is 22 feet long, five feet wide, seven feet tall, has a rotor diameter of approximately twenty feet; and is capable of vertical take-off and landing.

“We are extremely excited to provide Transport Canada with our Condor drone and to be involved in the Innovation Solutions Canada program,” said Steve Magirias, CEO of DDC.

“We look forward to working with Transport Canada to display the full capabilities of the Condor and to potentially offer the Condor platform to all interested government of Canada parties. This contract is made possible through the talent and effort of the DDC team which has worked tirelessly to get our Condor drone developed to achieve this milestone along with potential future milestones.”

The company also expressed confidence that the increased size and payload capacity of the Condor is will unlock a significant number of new potential use case opportunities, including in sectors such as mining, oil and gas, inspection, and emergency preparedness.


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