DJI joins the energy game with Portable Power Stations

Coming more often than we’d love to, there are times in our lives when we are outdoors and we need power.

Perhaps we can be working on a project and the batteries we had are empty; and the extra ones we brought are running low too; but we are still not done.

We need that drone to stay in the air for a bit longer that the batteries will allow.

Or we are processing our drone data while still out in the field; or running a live feed that we cannot afford to lose due to power issues.

It can simply be a case of us living in a country where there are guaranteed power blackouts because the supplier wants to reduce of the load on the electricity greed.

Well; drone technology company DJI has come up with a solution that goes beyond just helping drone professionals and their drones; but entire households.

All hail the DJI Power Series.

Or the DJI universe, maybe? Seems like this company that started predominantly as a drone technology company is building an empire that is not unlike Apple’s; charged with a retinue of cool products to hook you in and never let you go.

Drones, drone batteries and accessories, drone boxes; handheld cameras; now portable power stations. And all these products look addictive too.

Just like Apple’s.

The first two editions of this new product; the Power 1000 and Power 500 charging stations carry 2,200W and 1,000W of power respectively, is enough to power a drone battery 12 times (for the Power 1000; half that for the smaller station).

You can read more about the two new babies from the manufacturer’s catalogue, which we have reproduced below.

The stations will set you back a cool $999 or $499 depending on the size.

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and innovative camera technology, today introduces the Power 1000 and Power 500, portable power stations.

Drawing on over a decade’s worth of battery research and development, the two devices can be fully charged in just 70 minutes, fast charge DJI drone batteries and meet the power demands of common household appliances.

“Over the past several years we’ve seen travellers and content creators around the world increasingly turn to DJI drones and handheld cameras, to capture and share their experiences,” said Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI. 

“These users have a demand for fast charging, worry-free, sustainable power consumption and today we’re glad we can address this with the new DJI portable power stations.

“Whether consumer, professional, enterprise or agricultural, DJI has a long history in battery research and development. Batteries are paramount to the user experience with battery life and charging efficiency, central to user needs.

“We hope that the DJI Power series can further improve the outdoor experience by eliminating power consumption anxiety and, in the home, by being on hand as a home backup to tackle power outage issues.”

Two Sizes to Power Your World   

The DJI Power 1000 has a battery capacity of 1024 Wh and weighs 13kg with the smaller, compact DJI Power 500 at 512 Wh and weighing 7.3kg; they can provide maximum power outputs of 2200Wand 1000W respectively.

Both units can be fully charged in just 70 minutes or, if you’re in a rush to get out, charged to 80 percent in just 50 minutes.

Camping and Road TripsContent CreationHome Backup Battery
Mobile Phone
Power 1000: Approx. 57 times Power 500: Approx. 28 times
Digital Camera Power 1000: Approx. 59 times Power 500: Approx. 28 timesWi-Fi Router Power 1000: Approx. 76.8hrs 
Camping Light Power 1000: Approx. 32 times Power 500: Approx. 16 timesLaptop Power 1000: Approx. 9 times Power 500: Approx. 4 timesMicrowave Oven  Power 1000: Approx. 1.3hrs 
Car Refrigerator Power 1000: Approx. 19hrs Power 500: Approx. 9.7hrsDrone Power 1000: Approx. 12 times Power 500: Approx. 6 timesLamp Power 1000: Approx. 92hrs 

Be Back up in the Air in Around 30 Minutes

With the help of separately-sold charging cables, DJI drone users can fast charge selected DJI drone batteries with the DJI Power SDC super-fast charge function; and be up in the air within approximately 30 minutes (from 10 percent to 95 percent).

Using just three drone batteries and a DJI Power portable power station, creators can enjoy a full day of flight and content capture, without power concerns getting in the way of creativity.

Power Socket, Solar or Car; the Choice is Yours

When it comes to recharging the portable power stations, users can choose the best method that works for them. Whether that’s out on the road or at home, the most appropriate recharging method can be selected from:

 Power 1000Power 500
Power SocketSupports both 1200W Fast Recharge Mode and 600W Standard Recharge Mode.Supports both 540W Fast Recharge Mode and 270W Standard Recharge Mode.
Connect to solar panels through the DJI Power Solar Panel Adapter Module (MPPT) or the DJI Power Car Power Outlet to SDC Power Cable1.  An intelligent algorithm supports real-time monitoring of the voltage generated and allows the solar panels to recharge the Power 1000/500 in an optimized and efficient way.
CarWith the DJI Power Car Power Outlet to SDC Power Cable (12V/24V), fully recharge the DJI Power 1000/500.
USB-CTwo 140W USB-C output ports, with a total power output of up to 280W. Two 100W USB-C two-way ports for a total input power of 200W, can charge the Power 500 in approximately three hours.

Both devices have the quickest recharging time of 70 minutes for 100% battery or 50 minutes for an 80% charge when plugged in to a power socket.

Safety as Standard

From the body structure and cell chemistry to the system software, safety comes first at all times. 

The DJI Power 1000/500 have passed 26 product test certifications from the Swiss third-party testing authority, SGS. Furthermore, the Intelligent Battery Management System is built up with LFP cells with an up to 3,000 cycles, 10-year lifespan, temperature sensors, fuses and flame-retardant, high strength material, providing complete peace of mind.

When purchased from the DJI Store, the portable power stations will have a three-year warranty, which can be extended by an additional two years after registration.

Power Outage, no Problem

If an electrical device is connected to a powered-on DJI Power 1000/500 via the AC output port and both are receiving power, the DJI Power 1000/500 defaults to UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) mode.

This means that in cases of sudden power outage, the connected device (or devices) will continue to receive power from the DJI Power 1000/500 within 0.02 seconds.

Quiet and Functional

During recharging, thePower 1000 is quieter than most household refrigerators at 23dB. Even in environments with little noise, there is very minimal noise disturbance.

Both devices support the fast charge protocol (Power 1000: PD 3.1, Power 500: PD 3.0), ensuring efficient power output and the Power 500’s dual 100W USB-C two-way ports1 can provide separate power supplies to two devices such as cameras, phones and laptops.

For those looking for even more power, the Power 1000’s two 140W USB-C output ports1 can fast charge popular, powerful computers.

Extensive Accessories

With multiple ports the Power 1000/500 are highly versatile to connect to different types of solar panels, power cables and adapters. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, with the Power 1000/500 you’ll always have access to power.

  • DJI Power Solar Panel Adapter Module (MPPT): Connect to one to three solar panels and recharge DJI Power 1000/500 with solar power.
  • DJI Power Car Power Outlet to SDC Power Cable (12V/24V): Can recharge DJI Power 1000/500 via car charger or connecting to one solar panel to recharge via solar power.
  • Zignes 120W Solar Panel (Outside North America) /100W Solar Panel (North America Only): The DJI Power 1000/500 can be recharged via solar power using the DJI Power Solar Panel Adapter Module (MPPT).
  • DJI Power SDC to Matrice 30 Series Fast Charge Cable: 230W fast charge, charge a Matrice 30 battery from 10% to 95% in approx. 32 mins. 
  • DJI Power SDC to DJI Air 3 Fast Charge Cable: 125W fast charge, charge an Air 3 battery from 10% to 95% in approx. 30 mins. 
  • DJI Power SDC to DJI Mavic 3 Series Fast Charge Cable: 150W fast charge, charge a Mavic 3 series battery from 10% to 95% in approx. 32 mins. 
  • DJI Power SDC to DJI Inspire 3 Fast Charge Cable: 200W fast charge, charge an Inspire 3 series battery from 10% to 95% in approx. 28 mins.
  • DJI Power SDC to XT60 Power Cable (12 V): With this cable, DJI Power 1000/500 can achieve 12V DC output, suitable for connecting to model aircraft balance chargers, FPV drones or any device with an XT60 connection.
  • DJI Power SDC to Car Charger Plug Power Cable (12 V): Use this cable to connect car-powered devices that have a car power plug, such as a car refrigerator.
  • DJI Power 1000 Protective Storage Case: Protects the power station from bumps and dust, and makes it more convenient to carry.


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