DDC cargo drone gets licence to fly over people

Canadian cargo drone maker Drone Delivery Canada’s new drone has been declared fit enough to fly over people in the country.

DDC has just announced that Transport Canada – the authority that regulates transportation programs and policies – has accepted the drone company’s declaration that the Canary Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) meets the existing standards required to be operated over people.

“The declaration to Transport Canada allows DDC’s Canary RPA to operate in compliance with the regulatory framework, demonstrating its advanced safety features and meeting stringent requirements to permit flights over people,” DDC said in a statement.

Aside from paving the way for expanded operations and the integration of drone technology into various industries, DDC reckons that the Canary’s new licence is testament to its robust design and cutting-edge technology.

“We are extremely proud that Transport Canada has accepted the Company’s declaration for the Canary drone’s flight over people,” DDC CEO of Drone Delivery Canada Steve Magirias said in March when the Canary was launched.

“This recognition is a testament to our relentless dedication to safety and innovation. With this milestone achieved, we are poised to expand our drone delivery operations and bring the benefits of our technology to even more communities and industries across the country and potentially internationally.”

DDC describes the Canary as the next generation version of its Sparrow model of drones, with a flight range of more than 20km and carrying capacity of 4.5kg; which is half a kilogramme more than the Sparrow.

The new drone’s enhanced design, performance, and technology also boasts of a parachute recovery system, multiple redundant systems, and fail-safe mechanisms to set the standard for safe, reliable, responsible drone flight over populated areas.

Real-time communication also allows the Canary to be monitored and operated with DDC’s patented FLYTE management system. DDC added that they took their drone through a stringent testing program comprising flight tests, environmental trials, and operational simulations to test performance across different operating and weather conditions that would ensure compliance with Transport Canada’s regulatory framework.

“From medical supply deliveries to e-commerce fulfilment and humanitarian aid missions, the Canary drone’s validated status ensures safe and reliable operations, even in densely populated environments.

“With their dense populations and complex logistical challenges, urban areas have been particularly difficult to serve when it comes to last-mile deliveries. Traditional delivery methods are hampered by challenges such as traffic congestion, road closures, and limited parking, which make it challenging to offer the reliable, timely service that today’s consumers demand. There are the costs of personnel, fleet management, maintenance, and fuel.

“By enabling drone flights over people, we can now tap into the immense potential of urban markets for fast, accurate delivery by drone. The Canary paves the way for more companies to integrate drone deliveries into their logistics, allowing businesses across different industries and their customers to benefit from faster, more efficient deliveries at a lower cost.”


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