Chennai police adds drone unit

We are in India again today, where the Greater Chennai City Police (GCP) has launched a Police Drone Unit, which a first for the police service in the country.

The unit will start with an initial nine drones, which – according to a statement by the GCP – will be deployed towards three main policing operations.

A team of 20 pioneer operators will form the new unit, whose work is at the moment concentrated on the beaches of Marina and Elliots.

Six drones will be reserved for emergency response and surveillance; two for long range surveys; and one, which is a dedicated heavy lift multirotor drone.

The statement added that the integration of drone technology into its police services was done at a cost of nearly $440,000.

“These drones equipped with AI technology can accurate estimate crowds during festivals or other gatherings, thereby enabling police to correctly plan crowd control strategies,” the GCP said. “Also, the drones are equipped with ANPR cameras which are capable of doing real-time checking with the vehicles registration database and spot suspects, stolen vehicles.”

These are all equipped with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and can be operated up to a distance of 5-10km from the ground station.

The release also said that the Heavy Lift Drone, equipped with thermal cameras, is capable of detecting and rescuing people caught in sea waves by deploying life jackets, even during the night.

Additionally, the use of drones in law enforcement will provide the police with an additional tool to monitor and secure large areas more efficiently. Equipped with advanced surveillance technology, the drones will aid in identifying potential threats, monitoring crowd gatherings, and assisting in traffic management.


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