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The Drone for filmmakers is here

Flying Pictures has just announced the Ultra drone, which they claim is the most powerful drone in the world, designed and built purely for cinematography. The Ultra features a cutting edge design and…

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Saving the forests with Eden and DroneDeploy

CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles-based tree planting organisation, Eden Reforestation Projects, last week celebrated their fifteenth anniversary by announcing that they had planted over 333 million trees in the eight countries…

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Drone Hackathon: Call for young Zambian entrepreneurs

Young drone entrepreneurs and hopefuls in Zambia; here is a lifetime chance to turn your ideas into business – and you have until August 6 to grab it. Zambian technology…

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Inspecting the power grid in hotter temperatures

It is always summer time somewhere in the world; and while the summer season is always welcome for all the joys and opportunities it presents, energy companies the world over…

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Irrigation drones for Zimbabwe’s Lowveld

Irrigation drones might just be the answer to the almost perennially erratic rainfall patterns experienced by sugarcane farmers in Zimbabwe’s lowveld. Located to the South West of the country and…

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Zipline signs up with Intermap

Intermap Technologies, an American geospatial information solutions company, has announced that it has signed up with medical drone maker Zipline to supply the latter with crucial geospatial Elevation-as-a-Service as support…

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The drone age and Urban Air Mobility

Drones, personal flying vehicles and air taxis may be part of our everyday life in the very near future. Drones and air taxis will create new means of mobility and transport…

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Government role in adopting drone technology into health delivery

The headlines are everywhere—there is a game changer in the fight against COVID-19. Drones are on their way to deliver samples and airdrop personal protective equipment (PPE), and are even…

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Crop ripening boost for South Africa’s sugarcane farmers

A South African sugarcane farm, working with Chinese agricultural drone technology maker XAG, has completed a successful test of the XAG drone as a profitable ripening chemicals-spraying alternative to the…

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Do Benin farmers want to use paid drone services?

Small holder farmers in Benin are warming up to drone technology and are willing to pay for drone services as a way to make their farm operations easier and smarter,…

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