Behold the MS Droni!

Yes. You read that right.

Indian drone maker Garuda Aerospace has made its name producing drone for the enterprise market in the country.

But for cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Garuda are making an exception.

The company is crashing into the personal consumption drone space with a small photography and cinematography unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) named after the Indian national team and Indian Premier League club Chennai Super Kings icon.


The little drone will be called Droni.

“After having cemented market dominance in the Agri Drone Segment with a staggering 55 percent share, India’s largest drone start-up Garuda Aerospace now launches Droni,” Garuda Aerospace said in a statement.

Now on sale for the worldwide market, the Droni was also launched on the social handles of MS Dhoni – who is also an investor in the company – and those of the Chennai Super Kings.

The Droni is a compact small-sized foldable quadcopter nano drone weighing under 250grams which can effortlessly fit into one’s pocket. The drone is integrated with eleven intelligent flight modes, including intelligent follow-me features, circling, fading, soaring, time-lapse, tail flicking, broad and straight forward shooting, among other features.

Droni boasts of a high-quality 48 MP camera with wide angle lens optical flow positioning and delivers an impressive 60 minutes of flight time, thus elevating the overall user experience Despite being feature rich, Droni is easy to use, and has a seamless user interface.

It is also integrated with target management, Level 7 wind resistance and has intelligent voice somatosensory control making way for one hand control when required. Its three-axis mechanical stabilized pan tilt ensures perfect stable shots.

All in all, the Droni has the following features, according to the manufacturer.

  • 48 Megapixel cameras with 4K/30 frames per second are supported by Droni. To capture cinematic videos and discover new angles, use a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with 48 million effective pixels and stable 3-AXIS GIMBAL 3(pitches, waw, roll).
  • An improved remote controller including a 3-to 4-kilometer HD range, intelligent voice somatosensory control, and a 30-minute flying duration for unbroken aerial exploration
  • Small-sized foldable quadcopter that fits into a pocket and a drone that is built to weigh only 249 grammes with wind resistance up to seven levels
  • Intelligent Flight Modes: 11 Stunning Flight Modes with Just One Simple Click Techniques for Straight Forward Shooting, Circling Follow-me, Broad Shooting, Intelligent Follow, Quadrangle Follow-me, God-like Perspective, Fading, Time-lapse Photography, Soaring, Tail Flicking, and Simplifying Cenematic Shooting Techniques to a Single Click and FPV Using a virtual flight simulator, you can experience every frame that your drone captures.
  • HD Anti-Shudder Camera: With its three-axis mechanically stabilised pan tilt, the Garuda Droni leaves no opportunity for blurry or unsteady photos. You can precisely locate the longitude and latitude of the ground target and measure the target spot with Droni. The gimbal helps with mirror shots and provides automatic target tracking. Large areas can also be shot without using the gimbal.
  • Flight, Voice & Somatosensory Control with f/2.6 Aperture for Bright Captures and 83° Ultra-low Distortion Wide-angle Lens
  • One-throw-flight enables an unrestricted take-off and increased UAV adaptability, the perfect blend of visual optical flow and TOF positioning makes stable indoor shooting possible
  • This new upgrade lets you transfer all your media instantly and perform high-speed Wi-Fi download (up to 8m/s). The app operation interface follows a simple design for a pleasant user experience.

“This launch is an exciting one for us,” said Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO, Garuda Aerospace.

“Besides being our first B2C product in the market, it is a product that is cutting-edge, and purposefully designed for convenience and quality. Moreover, it strengthens our partnership with our brand ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni and offers consumers an opportunity to own a product that is created in association with him. 

“The product is a game-changing one in the aerial photography and videography market and we are confident that it will empower users to push creative boundaries.”

India is home to over 700,000 consumer drones, and nano drones (drones weighing under the 250g and usually do not don’t require registrations and certifications with local civil aviation authorities).

And this is where Garuda have their work cut out, because the personal consumer drone industry is in DJI’s vice grip, and the Chinese company has been at it since 2009.

Trying to cut into DJI’s action; maybe Garuda does need inspiration from one of India’s most recognisable faces.

MS Dhoni has a stake in the IPO-bound start-up which industry experts in the country reckon is poised to become the first ever Drone Unicorn Start-up this year.

Garuda also signed a partnership agreement with Chennai Super Kings last year, to become the club’s official drone partner; the first ever such partnership for a drone company in the IPL. recently.

The Droni is available right now on Amazon at an introductory price of about $1,025.


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