Azur’s drone-in-a-box set for Africa

Security and facility services company G4S had entered a partnership with French security drone company Azur Drones that will see the former distributing the latter’s Skeyetech drones across the Africa and Middle East regions.

Skeyetech is a drone-in-a-box system for security application, which was developed to provide security companies with an autonomous drone solution designed for sensitive sites security and operations support. With over 15,000 operational flights by over 150 users (according to the manufacturer), the Skeyetech system can be operational at all ours, carrying out specific checks, perimeter patrols, inspection missions or assisting in crisis situations.

Now, with the help of G4S, this autonomous security drone technology is set for Africa and the Middle East; Skeyetech will now be offered in 24 countries to G4S’s existing and prospective clients. G4S will market, install and maintain Skeyetech through its teams spread over the 24 countries

“Skeyetech autonomous drone-in-a-box is designed to be a plug-and-play solution, operated directly by a security guard,” Azur Drones said in a statement. “It fulfils daily operations (specific checks, perimeter patrols, support to industrial operations, i.e. inspection) 24/7, 365 days a year, day and night, quickly and safely. As such, it requires no prior skills, nor any drone pilot certifications, allowing customers to strengthen their security while keeping operational costs low.

“The addition of Skeyetech into G4S’s solution portfolio matches with the integrated security strategy of G4S and will enable Azur Drones to answer the increasing demand on its solution, already deployed in France, the EU, and the Middle East.”

Erik Deleersnyder, Regional Director Technology Solutions Development G4S Europe & Middle East expressed his company’s excitement at this partnership with the Bordeaux-based company.

“We have been deploying piloted drones to our customers for a few years now and the benefits are numerous, including responsiveness, improved security and safety, day and night vision and cost optimisation,” Deleersnyder. “In line with our innovation strategy, we are now really excited to propose a 100 percent fully autonomous system, without pilot, operated directly by a security agent from the monitoring centre. This integrated solution makes it possible to offer a very interesting package of human expertise together with robotics to our customers in EMEA in order to protect their people, assets and property.”

The drone nest solution is a growing application for security drones across the world, with companies like Azur Drones, Airbotics and Delta Drone leading the charge. It has also come out that the world’s biggest drone manufacturer, DJI, is also looking to start producing its drone nests.

Azur Drones CEO jean-Marc Crepin is happy that is company is spreading its reach beyond the European shores.

He said; “We are proud to start this partnership with the world leader of security G4S. Skeyetech has been designed to be a new asset collecting data continuously on critical sites, thanks to a simple integration and operation by G4S agents. By partnering with G4S, we are providing to demanding customers a perfect human-machine combination for successful missions of inspection.”


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