AerialMetric extend Savior 330 flight range to 300km

Madagascan drone start-up AerialMetric has updated their locally made drone, the Savior 330, and increased its flight range from 200km to 300km.

Owned by a partnership of French and Madagascan entrepreneurs, the drone company develops drones for use in delivery, survey and mapping, as well as environmental monitoring and research.

The latest update to the Savior 330 – a 3,3-metre long fixed wing electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) drone – is particularly good news for the drone company’s humanitarian work, where they deliver medical supplies to remote areas around the Southern African island nation, and also monitor the health of their rainforests and endangered wildlife; which has been under stress in recent times as a result of deforestation.

In these ventures, the start-up has worked in partnership with humanitarian organisation that include the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Global Fund; the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Population Services International.

AerialMetric are always working to perfect their drone; especially the flight range, which is progressively increased. Recently and for the first time, the company successfully released a medical package by parachute at a delivery point 100km away from where it was packed.

Besides the capability to flying beyond the pilot’s visual line of sight (BVLOS), the Savior 330 can carry packages as heavy as 10 kilograms, can work in both fine and foul weather and fly at a height of five kilometres above ground. The caveat for distance covered and speed (up to 150km), according to the company, is of course dependent on payload and the direction and speed of wind.

AerialMetric drones have been in operation since 2018, designing, developing, testing and repairing their own drones and delivering various medical supplies, like polio vaccines to more than 30 health centres around the country.

In August, they were welcomed into the Flying Labs network of drone services for public good.  


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